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Installation Preparation Guide

In the areas that will receive new flooring, please use the following checklist to prepare for your upcoming installation:


Have electricity on and ensure adequate lighting, water and restroom facilities.
Keep children and pets safely out of the installation area(s) and remedy any flea/pest infestation
Keep driveway clear for parking and cutting materials. In a secure complex ensure access.


Remove all valuables, fragile and breakable items; disconnect equipment, empty bookcases, cabinets, and closet floor; remove bedding and items under beds. All personal items must be removed by customer for job to proceed.

Specialty items such as aquariums, grandfather clocks, safes, pianos, billiard tables, etc. May require specialty movers prior to installation as well as special tuning or balancing after being moved.


Removing flooring can be very dusty installers will mask off cabinets, closets and doorways in work area. Customer is responsible for covering furnishings to avoid any debris on non-work areas. 
Replace or Touch Up Trim:  When moldings are removed and replaced there is a possibility of damage and may require replacement or touch up. Customer is responsible for paint and touch up. 



Doors may need to be removed during installation and may need to be cut or adjusted after. Door frames, moldings and walls may require touch up painting after installation.
Ensure all freshly painted or stained surfaces are completely dry prior to the installer’s arrival.
Existing flooring will be removed and disposed of (unless noted) creating dust. Remove or cover important items and keep doors closed.
Existing tack strip and metals in good condition will be used; damaged materials may be replaced as necessary. Usually at no addition cost to customer.


Installed flooring can appear slightly different from sample which is considered a dye lot variation.
Natural products will contain variations in color, grain, veins, etc. that add to the natural beauty of the floor.  Natural products expand and contract due to moisture and humidity variations throughout the year resulting in variation of spacing at the seams.
Seams are a visible characteristic in floor covering where two pieces of materials meet.
Installers will vacuum new carpet after installation. Carpets shed initially and frequent vacuuming is recommended


Our goal is our complete satisfaction. Please inspect the completed installation and discuss any concerns with the installer and/or design consultant. Please be prepared to give the installers a check for the balance or call the showroom for payment arrangements.


CARPET: Vacuum light to medium traffic areas weekly, heavy traffic areas bi-weekly. Use suction only vacuum cleaner on loop pile carpet. Professional steam cleaning is recommended every 18-24 months to validate your warranties so keep cleaning receipts for proof of service.
HARD SURFACE: Dust mop, sweep, vacuum (suction only) or mist mop with the manufacturer recommended cleaners
Manufacturer’s cleaning products are available at Templeton Floor Company

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